What am I Doing Back Here…?

Its been awhile since I last posted, so I figured I would post something.

First off, I’ve been told by my parents that I am going on a cruise with them, and I’m going to miss the first week of school, which means missing the important part of Co-Op Education. Upside: the ship has a legit arcade in it.

Second, seeing as I never posted when it came out, I’ve been playing way too much Skyrim, but I’ve slowed down as I approach the third subject of this post, which is:


Yes, exams. I started the year thinking I only had an English exam, but now I have English, Global Issues, and a block for Entrepreneurship to present a business plan (the things I do for FIT certification…).

However, if I can pass these courses, then next semester is going to be as easy as killing a Dalek (OK, bad choice of analogy, but you get the general idea, right?).

I now have a gaming PC, so Skyrim is played on it, NOT CONSOLE. Why? One, graphics. Two, use the console for bugs. Three, CAUSE I FUCKING CAN.

Anyways, if anyone wants to play TF2, or just talk, my Steam Handle is AnAutisticTeen.

That’s it, that’s all.

Now, GTFO.


Video Games and My Life.

To me, video games are the ultimate in entertainment. A good game is like an interactive movie, with choices to make and good gameplay. I personally enjoy the Mass Effect series of games, along with Fable and Assassin’s Creed.

With Mass Effect, you make choices that influence the game at the time of decision, but also into the future, both in that game and in the next. I personally enjoyed Mass Effect 1 over Mass Effect 2, because I liked the RPG elements a lot. When Mass Effect 2 came out, I liked it, but I was slightly disappointed that they had turned it into more of a third-person  shooter.  When Mass Effect 3 comes out, I WILL be pre-ordering it.

Fable is a decent series with basic combat and controls, but what appeals to me is how far you can take your moral alignment in those games. You can rescue slaves, or capture them, or both if your feeling like being an asshole. You can be as pure and good as you want, or be evil and corrupt, or somewhere in between. While you have this in Mass Effect, you have Paragon and Renegade in that game, whereas in Fable, you have a bit more depth as far as morality goes.

Assassin’s Creed appeals to me because there are so many ways of getting somewhere, or doing a mission. With the free-running aspect, you can go almost anywhere to get the mission done. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood as of course been the best so far, as they are honing the controls and mechanics from the second game. I liked the idea of having assassin recruits, but some things just didn’t seem to happen. In the Dev Diaries, they (Ubisoft) said you could specialize assassins for certain roles, and even make one your own personal assassin. This, for the most part, wasn’t there. The only specializing you could do is to upgrade armour or weapons before the other, and unless you had one assassin you never sent on missions, you didn’t have a “personal assassin.” In fact, keeping one assassin from missions is a really bad idea, as they gain more experience from missions than being called to fight. It took one assassin about 5 signals to level up to level 2. But, that aside, Assassin’s Creed is a great series.

So there you have it, my thoughts on some game series that haven’t been turned into crap yet, and hopefully never will.



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